Below are apps created during instructional teaching to students during the school year. These apps were created for instructional purposes to demonstrate students learning App design while taking a Gant Technology class. Students learned the entire process of app development including design, debugging, and deployment to the Google Play Store. Please email any suggestions or feedback to these basics apps to

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HW Tracker is designed to help students ranging from middle to high school be on top[ of their school assignments with ease.

A simple press of a button allows the user to open the add screen, where there they can create a reminder to keep track of by inserting the following information: Assignment Name, Class, Period, Reminder Date/Time, Due Date, Images, and a Color to divide each class!

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Ganttech Scanner scans, installs, and shares barcodes, QR Codes,& MIT App Inventor apps or APK files on your Android mobile device. Ganttech Scanner was created for students to share their apps they created in class using MIT App inventor. With Ganttech Scanner, you can scan MIT App Inventor QR Codes to install, save, and share the Apps (apk) files on your mobile device. View more details and Install the App Now!

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